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If they do attack a formidable array of shiny spikes defends the back and the neck – which is where most injuries occur – and the vest is made with stab-resistant materials that can withstand sharp canine teeth. The CoyoteVest is made from waterproof stab-resistant DuPont Kevlar same fabric used in.

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Patent numbers 10342216 10643533 Disco Dogs.

Anti hawk vest for dogs. Deters a predators grip and bite with large metal spikes while also protecting your pets most vulnerable areas the neck and back with Kevlar insets. 19 8 8 7. Our vests and collars are safe to wear around other pets and children No Spikes.

The Coyote Vest protects your dogs neck and back with 1 inch spikes. Coyote attacks are rare but percentages dont matter if its your pet that gets hurt. Chihuahua wearing an anti-hawk spiked jacket.

Small dogs as well as cats could be considered prey for coyotes said veterinarian Benjamin Wright DVM at the Lakewood Vet Center in Dallas. 1 to slow down or prevent a surprise attack to give you time to rescue your pet and 2 to protect the dog without injuring the coyote. It would help if you had an anti-hawk harness vest for your dog.

A chihuahua wearing a anti hawk and coyote vest rALL. The number of reported attacks on small dogs relating to Birds of Prey Red-Tailed Hawks Eagles and Owls has been increasing throughout the years as humans destroy their habitat and. Motts devotion to the mission is such that he even ordered a coyote skull off eBay to make sure that the.

Posted by 4 months ago. Protective vests made with bite-resistant material work best when dogs are outside unsupervised Wright said. FacebookCoyoteVest Their solution was to create a series of studded and spiked dog collars harnesses and vests which are inspired by the quills of a porcupine to prevent coyotes or big birds and larger dogs for that matter from getting too close.

May work on hawks but wasnt the original thought. We have a tiny dog. Made to help protect your dog from deadly attacks by Hawks Raptors and other Birds of Prey.

The unusual appearance makes your dog look strange in the eyes of a predator and may cause them to hesitate before attacking. Once he had a design and a plan he Paula and Nicole Mellom founded CoyoteVest Pet Body Armor with a dual mission. Waist And Thigh Trainer For WomenRehearsal Dinner DressBraided SandalsFlysocks Slip On Sneakers For WomenKonfidence Swim Vest.

Raptor Shield is a talon-proof polycarbonite plastic vest with a comfort vest underneath that. Raptor Shield is made from the same materials that are used for making Bullet Proof Glass. Raptor Shield vests and collars were designed with your pet in mind to be lightweight cool and comfortable to allow for lots of running and playing.

Dogs wearing spiky neon jackets with mohawks are taking over Twitter. Luckily the folks at the Reddit forum rInterestingAsFck have collected the most interesting posts in. Some dog owners have decided to dress their pets up in brightly colored vests which are covered in spikes in a bid to deter predators.

Tested to withstand the equivalent pressure from a. But for those of us with small dogs and other tiny pets their majestic beauty can sometimes feel overshadowed. A chihuahua wearing a anti hawk and coyote vest rALL.

Shes walking her dog outfitted in sweater and booties- neighborhood dogs howling rolling on the floor laughingher dogs face beet red steam coming out its. A very large hawk was directly over her head coming down Pistorius was recovering from a serious illness and using her cane got up as quickly as she could waving the cane and screaming. Thankfully that was enough to deter the hawk.

Aside from being a. Im only sorta surprised this happens so often someone made an outfit to prevent it. The vests are 9995 plus its an extra 3995 for the hawk attachment and 1995 for the whiskers.

Predator Vest for Dogs. Its a spiked dog harness that protects them against predators like coyotes and birds of prey. If your dog is attacked this vest increases its chances of survival and is designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to put on and take off.

The Hawk Star Pet Protection Vest is double patented through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The HawkShield attaches to a vest with just enough Velcro to keep it securely in place while allowing it to release easily. While hawks and other birds of prey typically feast on large insects reptiles fish smaller birds and small mammals like rodents and rabbits theyve.

Watching a hawk spread its wings and soar through the sky is a pretty incredible sight. These pooches arent. Ever seen a tiny dog wearing an anti-hawk vest.

Because heres the thing. At any given time someone somewhere online is sharing something truly interesting. The internet can be a wonderful place with a lot of fascinating people on it.

As soon as the bird tries to lift off the weight of. CoyoteVest CoyoteWhiskers Protection Nylon Bristles for CoyoteVest or SpikeVest Dog Harness Vest Dog Accessories That Deter Coyote Hawk and Raptor Attacks 40. Coyote vests are colorful spiky Kevlar outfits that are designed to prevent surprise coyote attacks.

If a bird tries to grab the vest and fly away the first thing they can grab is the shield. However the hawk kept watching for my puppy to come out again. The brand is right on the jacket these were designed with Coyotes in mind after they lost a dog to one.

Get your pet the Coyote Vest. Bill Carusso the Illinois-based inventor of RaptorShield came up with his polycarbonate dog vests after witnessing a red-tailed hawk attack Daisy his familys 9-pound silky terrier.

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